In operation, PT VarcoINDO Bina Jaya will emphasize customer satisfaction, optimum performance, occupational health, safety and environment for all personnel involved as well as the products produced.

To achieve this PT VarcoINDO Bina Jaya will:
1. Provide infrastructure safe and healthy workplace for all employees;
2. Integrating environmental management that is responsible in all stages of the work;
3. Comply with all applicable laws as well as the Occupational Health, Safety and Environment also other provisions in force;
4. Develop and build Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental continuously;
5. Prevent accidents, occupational diseases and prevent pollution;
6. Every employee has the right to stop any work if it is considered dangerous;
7. Create PT VarcoINDO Bina Jaya goals of Occupational, Health, Safety and Environmental objectives in the form of implementation from this policy;
8. PT VarcoINDO Bina Jaya Quality Policy build up based on the quality requirements from customers and or from related industry;
9. To achieve these requirements, PT VarcoINDO Bina Jaya implement and maintain a quality management system based on ISO 9001:2008 as well as upgrading the performance continuously and simultaneously.

All levels both employees and management of PT VarcoINDO Bina Jaya and its Partners must be involved in Quality and Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental this policy achievement.

Jakarta, January 08, 2014
Abdi Gustino

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