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  • Torque Monitor System

    Torque Monitor System

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  • Cementing Swivel

    TESCO’s Cement Swivel is rigged up with the casing running equipment between the top drive and the automated casing running tool. This combination of equipment allows you to immediately transition to cementing once the casing string has been landed; moreover, it enables the casing to be rotated and reciprocated while cementing which has proven to significantly improve cement bond and well integrity.

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  • Torque Sub

    Extremely mobile with an extended battery life, weCATT™ can easily be transferred between rigs and plugs into WINCATT® or other systems with no external attachments or encoders required. It rapidly records torques, turns and hook loads, and transmits data to other monitors by wireless, EX receiver or mA output. The results are more accurate, and with fewer components, the system is more reliable. Worldwide certification: ATEX-CE, UL, CSA, IECEx.

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